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Auto parts industry should pay attention to three basic principles

Recently, the state information center information resources development department director Xu Changming to participate in the activities of said: China 's auto parts industry be congenitally deficient, but development is very rapid, opportunities and challenges always run parallel. I put the parts industry three suggestions: the first is to firm the confidence, the second is to support private enterprises, the third is to have independent brand awareness of win-win.

At the same time, the auto parts industry and sound appeared: the automobile and spare parts industry prosperity far as we imagine that optimism. In the false prosperity, it is silent on a tragicomedy, but in no event before the public more people choose to ignore and avoid.

Indeed, it would be easy to be a huge market potential and inestimable market share and blurred eyes. Little imagine, this kind of enterprise get so huge market share. The media often in enterprise and confidence, ignore details. In 2009 thirteen million six hundred thousand, auto industry production and sales is repeatedly mentioned, and parts industry as the car's brother industry is also often resigned market share how many billion. As one article wrote that, we feel at ease and justified in accepting Chinese auto market has become the global NO.1, we tend to lose for the spare parts industry of careful attention. In the part of the media to selectively ignoring parts of the survival of the status quo, we should be more practical for enterprises to do something real.

As the state information center, information resources development department director Xu Changming mentioned, China auto parts industry started late, there still exist some major defects. There are three main points: first is the size of a small, actual strength is weak. Second is the international division of labor is basically a low. Third is the development of a serious shortage of capacity. This is also China has been a few other countries anti-dumping is one of the important reasons. China in nearly 8000 enterprises, sales revenue of 100000000 yuan in the following account for 82%, foreign capital enterprise is relatively larger, but in 1000000000 of the only 4%.

If you want to make Chinese auto parts industry development, there is a qualitative leap. So it should pay close attention to most small and medium-sized enterprises are components of the development, from the perspective of media experts to industry, the more confidence to enterprises in some way. Such as products, technology and development of some defects and so on. Over emphasize shortcomings and ignore market share approach of auto parts industry will only make piaffe, because enterprises in the lack of effective method before also can according to the limited way behind closed doors. Perhaps some of the enterprise often is out to learn, but only a few.

China Automotive Engineering Society parts minister Yan Jianlai once said: at present, the domestic parts supply chain in each enterprise, in addition to deal with internal and external development environment of equal competition, the" inequality" competition outside, but also face the zero zero between disorderly competition, the increasingly fierce market competition, the enterprise survival environment nots allow hopeful. How to achieve a win-win situation awareness? Many domestic parts enterprises are very low-key leaders often, but foreign auto parts business opposite. They are willing to put some of their own ideas and opinions on the industry share to many people, perhaps in the exchange with others will also inspire new spark. Therefore, the domestic auto parts companies will open in the enterprise development, and some of the journey out to share this view, a process is improving.

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