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Future ten years Chinese car faces three challenges

10 years into the world, China's auto market expanded by a factor of 10, independent brands also obtained greater progress. China auto market development potential is very great, may reach 40000000 - 50000000 the size of the market, this is China 's biggest car development opportunity. However, in the next 10 years, Chinese car challenge is more and more strong, mainly from three aspects:

A global trend, faced with more difficulties

Because the traditional automobile market has stalled and atrophy, all the multinational companies have to focus on the development of Chinese market, and even that " Chinese market is the most important", this makes Chinese auto industry under great pressure of competition.

On the other hand, the developed countries to improve safety and environmental threshold, make Chinese car to enter the markets of developed countries is more difficult. Even in the developing world, the new industrial policy to Chinese automobile in local development, such as the Russian government from 2009 to January, the new import tax rate increased from 25% to 30%, second-hand car import tariff rate increased from 25% to 35%. Last year Russia launched the 166 decree, requirements to enter the Russian car business must reach an annual production of more than 300000 cars and more than 30000 trucks, and eighth years in Russia's domestic rate must reach 60%, and to set up research and development centers in russia. The government of Brazil asked the localization rate must be over 65%. Early in 2002, the government of India to" national security" by China, will be included in the " foreign direct investment is a security risk countries" list, to the Chinese direct investment restrictions. In the Chinese car enterprises and foreign export volume larger Middle East, North Africa, unrest, market risk is increased.

In two, China's auto industry itself also well done.

2009" the automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" put forward the eight goals, in the production and sales, independent brand cars share, group size to achieve or exceed the planning requirements, but in the industrial structure adjustment, the new energy car sales, autonomous vehicle research and development products reached the international advanced level, key parts and components technology to realize the independent no apparent progress, the development of independent brands still is in dispersive, dimensions small, benefit is poor state, after sale service have not been given sufficient attention, also is the automobile industry in the stronger is not worth gratifying progress.

In three, the automobile market is more and more big bottleneck constraints

The development of car market also suffers from three aspects: the bottleneck of traffic congestion, energy supply, environmental protection. After two years of rapid development, auto sales increase, while the city transportation infrastructure builds serious lag, already a national city traffic congestion, including Western Lanzhou, Xi'an, Guiyang such three lines around the market, began to take licensing restrictions, restrictions, increased fees and other measures, this measure will be more and more. In the fuel supply, at present our country oil consumption was 4 tons, in the 8-10 years later the car retains the quantity exceeds the likelihood 200000000, oil consumption is likely to exceed 6 tons, while the domestic provide only 2 tons, the safe supply of oil is more difficult. As the automotive exhaust emissions become a major source of air pollution in the city, the Ministry of environmental protection have been put forward big city limits car advice.

Therefore, the next 10 years, China Auto should put development focus from quantity expansion to improve the overall quality, continue to implement the revitalization of adjustment planning requirements, in the adjustment of industrial structure, enhance development ability, products and services to improve the quality of work hard, do make strong target.

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