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3.15" consumption and the people's livelihood" Three auto parts market

Last year's 3.15 campaign theme: consumption and people's livelihood. The positioning of" consumption and the livelihood of the people " as the theme, in disappear assist secretary-general Yang Hongcan has three main aspects of meaning, first, emphasizing the consumption demand is to maintain economic growth of the long-lasting power, is to improve the livelihood of important way; secondly, emphasis on improving people's livelihood is the fundamental goal of economic and social development, the formulation of consumer policy starting point and the end; third, emphasizing the consumer rights is to enlarge consumptive demand is the important means to guarantee and improve the people's livelihood, it is the strong grasper.

The effect of the consumption of many factors, the most important is the safety and harmonious two aspects. Consumer security credentials is the most basic rights, and harmony is related to the consumption of the higher realm, it is not only to improve the quality of life needs, but also can realize the sustainable consumption needs, harmonious core is essentially a development problem. Safety and harmony two respects, based on safety, but in recent years it is the consumption of" safety" was the biggest problem. Fake is flooding the market, entrenched in every field.

On the " fake" products every year exposure, but also will have. What reason? Is interest drive. Along with the automobile to enter thousands of households," fake" auto parts increasing, as the heavy disaster area of three market, its impact has been paid more and more attention.

Reportedly, the current auto market sales of products mainly have three kinds, namely, producing a by-product, fake and shoddy piece. As the name implies, is produced by automobile manufacturers are authorized the production of brand accessories.

Although not a by-product of original automobile manufacturers, but also by the regular production of spare parts manufacturers, the products of the safety indicators are in line with national standards, both in product quality no big difference.

The third is the fake and shoddy products, while in the product on its own trademark and factory site, but the product is marked products well-known manufacturers of parts coding, or simply without factory name, the site, trademark, is a typical" 3 without" product, these parts are made of the regular manufacturers, safety technical indicators standards, product quality can not be guaranteed.

Consumption is the people's livelihood, consumption does affect the livelihood of the people, we hope that the government not only in this year the 3.15 period can truly make the consumption and the people's livelihood activities, more hope that the government in the coming days really well, do sufficient consumption and the livelihood of the people, but also a secure livelihood environment, also to the people of a healthy diet, let consumers have their most basic right, to play its due role and power of 3.15.

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